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Recording, Demo, Production and Vocal Coaching...

At MsRock Studios we offer all kinds of Voice and Recording services.  We have everything you need wheather you are an aspiring singer looking to hone your natural skills or if you are a professional looking to record an original album from scratch.  Some of our services are listed below.  Please CONTACT us if you have any questions or special requests! Our inbox is open 24x7.

Studio Rates

Analog or Digital 24Track Recording - $70/hr

Digital 48Track Recording - $70/hr

(10 hours+ pre-paid @ $60/hr)

High Quality Master Data files on drive $10

CD Mastering $25 Per Song

24 Track Master 1" Tape $300


Demo Rates

'Full Production' includes string & horn arrangements.  Back-up vocal arrangement, fee for back up vocalist and Master Tape Not Included.​

Full end-to-end song production available for any/all projects including studio time! Special discount for Mrs. Cuffari's Vocal Students!  Call Rick for pricing - 216.798.8662

Great for: Song Production, Full-custom Album, Demo packages (3-10 songs).

Voice Lessons

Student Lesson $35 per lesson

Adult Lesson     $40 per lesson

Professional      $45 per lesson

​Tuition is due the last week of the month for the coming month. If you miss that lesson you can mail that payment to 13717 Prospect, Strongsville, Ohio, 44149

Brenda's Students: All Checks Payable to Brenda Cuffari

Session Cancellation


If "no show" or "no call" for sessions, then there will be a 2 Hour Setup Fee charged at $40.00 per hour ($80 Total).  Please Call within 24 hours of the scheduled session to avoid this setup fee.

If you have to cancel because of emergency please call 216-798-8662 and leave a message.

Voice Lessons
To maintain your position on the schedule there must be a 30 day notice for time off from lessons.  The only exception will be a medical emergency.  If you are unable to give 30 days’ notice for missing a lesson because of vacation or any other reason you will be moved to the waiting list and someone who is currently on that list will be moved into your time slot.

If you have to cancel because of emergency please call 216.832.0963 and leave a message.

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