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Vocal Coaching

Coach Brenda Cuffari
Artist Development


Inclement weather can cause transportation problems or locally hazardous conditions. Regionally, conditions can vary widely, with some localities experiencing much more weather-related disruption than others. Severe weather may result in some school closures even as some remain open for regular business affecting a parent's ability to report to work.

Our Policy is that Voice Lessons are cancelled when Strongsville City Schools are closed.

​Inclement Weather Policy

Brenda Cuffari has dedicated her life to creating emotional connections through music. Having grown her music craft, her business and her family all within the Greater Cleveland area, she is a product of the very best the city has to offer.

Brenda has more than 40 years of professional experience teaching voice and is recognized as a master vocal coach. From local high school students and contestants on the Voice and American Idol, to premier recording acts, she has developed talent among an inspiring set of artists. Her musical acumen is rooted in four decades of experience as a singer/songwriter, recording artist and professional vocal performer.

Having begun her music education at the age of six at the Cleveland Music School Settlement, Brenda has remained dedicated to her continued technical enrichment over the years. Her study continued with Dr. Richard Anderson at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and has gone on to include learning emerging vocal coaching techniques with music industry experts in Los Angeles. 


Focuses on the key aspects of voice and artist development. There are no short-cuts to becoming a performer, artist or more effective speaker. It is an exciting, challenging and worthwhile journey because the destination is personal fulfillment.

Special workshops will be offered in artist development focusing on:

• Visualization techniques
• Stage performance
• Delivery
• Style and presence
• Working with stage lighting
• Working with stage sound

Call us at 216.832.0963 for more information!

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